miércoles, 20 de junio de 2012

What do you have in your back pack?

I have a glue in my back pack 
The glue is sticky and transparent.

I have a glasses in my back pack
The glasses are fundamental for me.

I have a wallet in my back pack.
That's where i have my money and my I.D card.

I have a student card in my back pack.
This is for enter to URBE.

I  have crayons in my back pack.                                                                                           .
Are of candle, and also of six colors

I have marker in my back pack

 I have antibacterial gel in my back pack
 Used it after eating for cleaning my hands.
 I have a glass in my back pack.
 I have a mechanical pencil.
Used every day for writing in my notebook.

 I have a notebook in my back pack.
 This like me much for his color, a like the color black.

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