martes, 10 de julio de 2012

What are they doing?

1. She is cooking a big cake for her family..
2. He is surfing in hawaii, and the sun is brilliant in  the day.
3. He is hugging to her, and she is make juice of orange.
4. She is make a new tattoo in her arm.
5. They are kissing in the park.
6. They are looking a movie in the cinema but also is laughing because the movie is funny.
7. The baby is smiling to the camera, and he is with his mom.
8. The dog is looking the camera and this dress very cute.
9. The elephant is painting a picture, and he is in the zoo.

My class mates and their blogs.

Ana Vivolo
Luis Granadillo
Maria Paz
Lauris Fernandez
Fabiola Sardi
Elizabeth Carruyo
Geovanna Pinzón
Maria Fernanda Gonzalez
Eliaines Matos
Paola Guerere
Eliaines Matos
Marysabel Nava
Maria Paz
Marysabel Nava
Andrea Chirinos
Harold Nieles
Andrea cohen
Mariolga Yagüa
Jose Fuenmayor
Emiralys Gutiérrez
Bárbara Orán
kevin Gonzalez
Leidimar Ramos
Mariangel Arteaga
Juan Alvarez
Rossalen Reyes

miércoles, 20 de junio de 2012

Perfect Gift

The perfect gift for my daddy are a new shoes.
also the day of the father i cooking his food :)

Heberto Carruyo.
By: Elizabeth Carruyo.

Curious, generous, funny and soft.
Father of Elizabeth and Mary.
Who loves his work, travel and buy.
Who is afraid of the heights and the rats sometimes.
Wants to see his children graduate and have a pretty houses in the future.
Resident in Maracaibo but also in Mexico.

What do you have in your back pack?

I have a glue in my back pack 
The glue is sticky and transparent.

I have a glasses in my back pack
The glasses are fundamental for me.

I have a wallet in my back pack.
That's where i have my money and my I.D card.

I have a student card in my back pack.
This is for enter to URBE.

I  have crayons in my back pack.                                                                                           .
Are of candle, and also of six colors

I have marker in my back pack

 I have antibacterial gel in my back pack
 Used it after eating for cleaning my hands.
 I have a glass in my back pack.
 I have a mechanical pencil.
Used every day for writing in my notebook.

 I have a notebook in my back pack.
 This like me much for his color, a like the color black.

miércoles, 6 de junio de 2012


My favorite actress is Jennifer Aniston.
Favorite movie: Marley and me.

My favorite actor is Robie Williams. 
Favorite movie: Patch Adams.

My favorite singer is Jason Mraz
Favorite songs: I'm yours, I wont give up, please don't tell her and lucky.

My favorite athlete is Rafael Nadal
    My favorite tv shows are Grey's Anatomy,Friends & Once upon a time 
      My favorite food is Pizza and hot dog's.